The violation of Child labor laws in developing countries

It is very embarrassing that there are still child labors working hard for their family or themselves in the age of learning. Even in the developed countries like US there are many industries where we find child labor. We have a law against child labor which is as old as 1938. But we have failed to a big extent to implement this law.

It was found that nearly half of all U.S. teenagers working in the retail or service sectors have performed workplace tasks that are prohibited by federal child labor laws. It was also found that one-third of working teens said they did not receive any on-the-job safety training. There are still many people who aren’t aware of federal child labor laws, while others chose to ignore them. My friend is one of the new York recruiters say that young workers often don’t know their rights as an employee or feel intimidated about confronting an employer. This encourages employers to recruit them. Also they need not spend much money for a child labor compared to an adult.

There is a lot of need for people to get aware of federal laws on child labor to make it safe for our children from the adverse affects of child labor.

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