Drug Impact On The Environment

Illicit drug abuse has lots of negative consequences. Illicit drug abuse not only affects the drug abuser, but also affects national productivity and surrounding environments. Outdoor cannabis cultivation and Methamphetamine production are major causes for environmental impact.

The environmental impact of illicit drugs is done by many other ways. Methamphetamine production needs toxic chemicals and after the production, Methamphetamine waste is improperly disposed to fields, streams, forests, and sewer systems, which cause extensive environmental damage. Improper storage and usage of flammable chemicals could result to fires and explosions.

Outdoor cannabis cultivation on public lands also results in environmental damage. Production of cannabis contaminate the water sheds, reduce native vegetation and discard garbage and non-biodegradable materials to deserted sites which results to create wildfire hazards. Also these plantation demands heavy volume of water so it may damages downstream vegetation that depend on consistent water flow.

Toxic chemicals, which are used to produce these can contaminate ground water, pollute watersheds, kill fish and other wildlife and even pollute residential water supplies. According to the National Parks Conservation Association (NPCA) reports cannabis cultivation growers commonly clear the forest under story, which adversely affecting the ecosystem.

Therefore, drugs have huge impact of nature development. It mainly contaminates land, water and other natural resources. This is serious kind of problem for upcoming generation.

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