Traces of Racial Discrimination in US

Racial discrimination is still prevailing in the country like US, most developed country in the world. In U.S Marshals Services, the black employees were treated badly by the white manager. The black employees are given any chance of using gym and no promotions and incentives for them.

On Wednesday, Oct.15, 2008 200 current black employees of US Marshall filed a law suit against the company for racial discrimination because the manager was treating the black employees like creatures and ridicule them as lazy. They also accused in front of US District Court that only groomed whites are selected for leadership positions while blacks were admonish for insignificant mistakes and if they are good performers, some mistakes or loopholes in work are found for stopping them from moving ahead.

The manager wanted only white employees in his office so that he insults and discourages black employees for silly reasons. The allegations are pending in court but the company has not spoken single word regarding the allegations or manager thinks that these allegations do not affects the culture of employees.

The judgment of the alignment is pending in the district court.

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