Obama rally on roads of Hampton

Barack Obama the Democratic presidential nominee returned to Hampton roads on Tuesday, October 28, 2008 night with a rally at Harbor Park in Norfolk. Obama rally started at 9.30 p.m. and doors were opened from 7.00p.m. Tickets were not required but an RSVP was strongly recommended for attending the rally.

Virginia could be a toss up, with Hampton Roads possibly decide which candidates wins the state as in recent research poll. Before six days of election Obama ahead in 8 battleground states, research poll on who wins in the elections gave a clear picture that Obama had more chances to win the election than McCain. Obama during the rally accused his Republican rival John McCain of bending low by labeling the Democrat as socialist.

As the elections are in just six just everyone are waiting eagerly to know who wins the presidential elections, many survey are conducted by different companies, publishing house and in survey the results are favoring the Democratic candidate Barack Obama will win the election.

The obama effort was the infomercial and ad is expected to create more favoritism for Obama and in this he explained about how is going to help in overcoming the current challenges.

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