Lebanon attacks: Messing up with Israel

Who fired the rockets? Is not an issue now. What is it going to result in? Is!

There were three rockets which were fired on Israel from a small area of Lebanon. It is like hurling a stone at a mad Dog, chasing a Cat, and teasing it. This would obviously result in dog stop chasing the cat, but it starts chasing you.

Lebanon Government trembled with the new issue against blood savvy Israel. I am sure it doesn’t dare to do that. Then it must be someone who wants to gain from the war which will arose against Lebanon and Israel. The key thing now is how Israel will take the silly attack. Israel already replied the attacks with some artillery.

If it is going to take it seriously, then the conditions would be more severe than that of 2006 Lebanese war. The war lasted for almost six months killing many innocent civilians on both sides.

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