Safety warnings turn adverse for prescription drug growth

People have now become very smart. (I don’t mean they weren’t smart before; they grew smarter). They have increased starting looking for safety before using some drugs prescribed a doctor, blindly, as they used to do it before.

When you are prescribed a drug, it is likely that many of us will look out or confirm with the side affects before using them. No matter, even a very experienced and well-practiced doctor prescribed them. These concerns over drug safety have decreased the national spending rate on prescribed drugs.

According to the Centre of Medicare and Medicaid Services, the retail spending on prescription drugs have accounted for a low growth (4.9 percent) in 2007. This growth rate the slowest one compared to the growth rate since 1963.

This growth rate was peaking in 1999 with 18.8 percent. In 2006, it suddenly fell to 8.6 percent and rather decreased in 2007.

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