What a Solar storm means to us?

People on stormy areas really have much volatile life. Storms can occur at any time, and they might have to leave their places and take refuge in some unknown place till storm calms down. When they reach their house, they see that it doesn’t exist any more. Everything destroyed and slashed down; they can’t even recognize the place where they used to live. If just storms on earth can have so much impact on us, what about the storms on our mighty Sun?

These are called solar storms and don’t impact us directly as storms on earth do. The main causes of solar storms are explosions on the surface of the Sun. They impact us more when they occur in the direction of the earth.

The major impacts of a solar storm include disruption in the radio signals, surges in oil pipelines, blackouts.

It is very dangerous for our satellites orbiting around the earth. Our earth, after receiving heat from solar storms, expands its atmosphere causing satellites to re-enter the expanded atmosphere and burn up.

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