Green Tea And Its Benefits On Health

Drinking hot beverages, especially tea is habit of many people. Most of the people like to drink tea at least for 4-5 times in a day. Tea contains high levels of antioxidants gives required oxygen to the different processes of the body. Antioxidants or free radicals enter into the body through external sources like exposure to sun, pollution, stress etc.

Tea releases the energy to the various processes of the parts of the body. With consumption of tea, metabolism and energy of the body increases. It is also provides with sufficient minerals and magnesium for growth of bone and for body development. Potassium present in help in heart pumping and in maintaining the fluid levels in the body.

Green tea prevents the growth of cancer. Green tea is inexpensive method of preventing diabetes and prevents bad breath. This cures the entire ache and reduces the inflammation associated with acne.

Green tea protects the brain and memory-robbing effects and helps in reducing the cholesterol. With consumption of green tea, you can prevent HIV infection in the body.

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