Encouraging Disabled Employees

Everyone has sympathy towards disabled people and some organizations works for betterment of disabled person’s living standards. Different disability awareness programs are conducted for solving the misunderstandings of employers having in employing disabled but the perception of employers has not changed. Some special programs are created by some organizations for increasing the disability awareness.  Lack of disability awareness in today’s society is acting as a barrier for achievements and equality of disabled persons.

Government has taken many measures for increase the number of jobs for disabled persons. Programs include some professional training for disabled persons, disability management consultancy etc. are conducted by social welfare organizations. These programs can help in creating strong relation between the disabled employees and the organizations.

Such programs are organized to remove certain constraints which prevent the disabled people to run their lives as good as the non-disabled persons. Encouraging the disabled employees is done by recruiting and assessing their performance, implementing relative measures for improving their efficiency.

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