Smoking Impacts Women More Than Men

Smoking is injurious to health whether it may be women or men. Health is important for very one. Heart diseases are common for those who smoke. Women usually get heart disease much later than but not in case if they smoke. In a recent study, it was revealed that smoking causes more damage for women than men.

Women are suffering heart diseases more than 12 years earlier than men by smoking and men, smokers get heart diseases about six years earlier than men who don’t smoke. Women should realize they are loosing more than men by going for smoking. The study revealed that women get first heart attack at age 81 if they didn’t smoke but by smoking women get first heart attack at age 66.

Researchers found that the difference for women and men is about 14 year for women and 6 years for men. Unless women stop or quit smoking, the risk of getting terrible diseases is more than men and at an earlier stage.

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