Search Engine Optimization Tips For Blogs

Generally every one can create blogs because creation and maintain a blog is always easy task. But getting the traffic and Increase search engine ranking of your blog is always complicated task. But if you follow these simple tips you blog easily get huge traffic. Here are some useful tips that will help your blog search engine optimization.

  • Blog Directories and Site Submission: The most effective method to built links is blog directory submissions. But before you head over there and start submitting, you should know a little about how to optimize your blog. Then your new listings can help your site get the best keyword placement in the major search engines.
  • Keywords: You have a choice. You can target a general high traffic keyword you have little chance of ranking well for and get barely any traffic. Or you can shoot for a keyword that gets a moderate level of targeted traffic resulting in more subscribers and sales.
  • Keyword Placement: Your blog can be set up to repeat the keywords that you want to target just enough times to establish a theme. You can take full advantage of this in your post titles, your category names, the pages URL names, or even a combination of Technorati tags and the text of your permanent links that appear after each post.
  • Timely Posting: Instead of pinging at 15 minute intervals when your site hasn’t been updated or even pinging after every single post, you can actually get better results if you update or ping just once during one of three sweet spots in the day typically early in the morning.
  • Frequent Updates: The more you post, the more food for the spider, which can cause the spider to react by splitting up its job into several visits, whereupon you have even more content, and so on, until the spider just adds you to a more frequent schedule of returns.

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