How to Make a Glow Stick

Glow stick is a plastic cylinder. They have length of four or five inches and it has diameter less than an inch. They are available in many shapes and designs. They are made with more flexible plastic.

Adults and children adorn their necks with glow sticks at sporting events or other events. They are also used by people to add spirit to a ballgame. There are few steps to make glow sticks, such as:

  • First you need to purchase the necessary things to make glow sticks. Blood glow is made of luminol that is the stuff, you can get this in scientific stores. You can get it through internet. You need sodium carbonate, ammonium carbonate and copper sulfate pentahydrate which are white powders. They are available at scientific stores.
  • You need to combine the hydrogen peroxide with 1 liter of water and for this a large mixing bowl can be used. But a metal bowl should not be used. You can choose a ceramic bowl as well.
  • You take the mix of luminol, sodium carbonate, copper sulfate, ammonium carbonate and combine with a liter of water in second bowl. When you are mixing, an equally large nonmetal bowl to be used to eliminate spilling.
  • Later you find a different transparent clear container, plastic test tubes or small plastic shampoo bottles and clean them make them dry properly. The containers can be placed on the top of the newspaper to prevent spilling and when you mix the ingredients, then set the correct lid next to containers for a quick seal. This glows in dark.

The above information is the process to make glow sticks in your home. It is very easy to make glow sticks.

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