How to Be A Superhero Without Super Powers?

Whenever I come out of the theater after watching a super hero movie, I stay spell bound. I try to do all those action stunts to be called as a super hero. But you know it is very bad experience, to get admitted in hospitals with fractures and injuries, every time a super hero movie releases. But I never stopped until my parents were compelled to take to a psychiatrist. So, these days I don’t do such things; but I have started to think how I can be a super hero without doing stunts. I listed them, I did them and you know, all the people around me now call me a super hero.

  • First I started with saving water. And then I conducted an awareness campaign on saving water with the help of my side kicks.
  • I started providing enough space in my apparel for all those small gadgets which may help others. Like change coins, pens, papers, etc.
  • I started attending volunteer programs in near by hospitals every weekend.
  • I learnt some house hold chores like repairing, fixing, etc. and after that
  • I started helping my neighbors in those things. But I do charge some amount for the service, but it is trivial.

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2 Thoughts to “How to Be A Superhero Without Super Powers?”

  1. not telling

    i always wanted to be one and i think i know how.
    but this is one how to be a superhero without powers
    follow these steps:

    1. excercise! you need to be strong if you are going to fight bad guys!
    2. make up your costume! but make it easy to design
    3. train yourself! to do a fight like do punching bags or use pillows to punch and kick!
    4. make sure no one knows who you are
    5. make sure no cop finds you when your saving someone! if you got caught run nd hide fast!
    6 when you are ready remember to be brave, strong,fast!
    those are all my tips to how to be a superhero without powers!!!

  2. billy bob

    I think if you can just be nerd that reads comics and everything like kick ass you could do it but than again you could get your but kicked and be dead in a second

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