Offline Uses of Internet Market Research

Introduction of Internet has created new opportunities for businesses and opened new doors for reaching out any where for the information they need. It has reset all the barriers for the market research. All markets and languages show continuous activity and growth. This environment of high speeds, low costs, and near perfect anonymity, Internet Market Research is proving to be increasingly viable and insightful when conducted independently. And it is also valuable complement when integrated with more traditional marketing research methodologies. Internet market research can do offline marketing for the businesses.

From a marketing research perspective, the information gathered and leveraged from this medium is invaluable. Imagine gathering impartial information from literally millions of people – each day – and basing your marketing campaigns on this data. In most cases, it is used for search engine optimization, to enhance the effectiveness of a web site for certain keywords and phrases highly searched for online. It is also being used to power a wide range of offline activities. Let me tell you some of the offline marketing activities as well. It is a great benefit for many areas used within integrated marketing communication (IMC) elements such as advertising, PR, interactive communication activities, and numerous other business functions. Few examples:

  • Branding: Increases company profile and brand awareness. Internet market research can be used to understand the behavior of target market. By using keyword research that reflects the brand positioning, one can enhance brand and increase chances of getting in search engine results.
  • Competitive Analysis: Discovers the market position. Market research can determine company and its products measure alongside industry competitors.
  • New Opportunities: Research can provide insight into new market opportunities that may never have discovered. Research can identify new business ventures, and offer the possibility to streamline business processes.
  • Public Relations: A press release can benefit from market research by ensuring that the appropriate content and language is used, allowing target market to find it quickly and easily.
  • Investor Relations: A company can build rapport with their current and potential investors, and supplement marketing and strategic direction using information identified within Internet marketing research reports.

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