Facts About Car Warranties

People usually think that car warranties will cover all the damages that happen to the car and they get attracted to cheap ones. Many don’t know the facts of warranties that come with a car. There will be many types of warranties and this may differ from one car to another and dealer to dealer. In this article we will discuss what really car warranties are, along with their facts. This will help you in choosing the right warranty at the right dealer and at a good price.

Facts about warranties
People usually get attracted to the warranties that car dealers offer them, but here are some truth about car warranties.

  • Every dealer will offer common warranties for a car, but there will be some extended warranties that only few car dealers will offer. So, you need to check for the dealer who is offering extended car warranties without any extra charge.


  • For example, bumper-to-bumper is an extended car warranty and generally people will think that this coverage will be applied for all parts of the car. But, it is not the case it is the coverage only applicable for few parts of the car.


  • Some other dealers will offer you extended warranties saying that they offered for free, but the fact is extended car warranties are not really offered for free, usually the car purchaser has to pay the service charge related to warranty that you use.


  • There will be different types of warranty coverages provided by different car dealers. Some may be cheap and some may cost more. People usually get tempted to the cheap, but you must not be tempted to such things. So, if you opt for cheap you will get cheap warranties that may not be reliable. The cost of the warranties will depend on the type of warranty the car dealer is offering you. So you should check which type of warranty the dealer is providing you before you buy the car.

Dealers will use some tricks to make people fall in their trap. So, you should keep this in mind and check the hidden secrets of the warranties and then go for purchasing. Otherwise there may be chances of getting the warranty with loss of money, efforts and time. So, know this facts and better check with them before you opt for warranties.

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