How to plan recruiting strategy

You need to start your recruiting process with a recruiting strategy to hire a right candidate. Set up a meeting involving the recruiting department, managers, team leaders and senior employees. List down and analyze the points discussed in the meeting. Some of the key points to discuss in the meeting are:

Determine the need for a new recruit. With the help of other employees who worked successfully in a similar position, prepare the list of important qualities, experiences, education, and characteristics that your candidate should possess. It helps HR recruiter to use these characteristics to publish the classified ad or to screen the resumes received.

Prioritize the requirements and determine where to advertise the position to get good number of responses apart from taking internal referrals. Prepare a good recruiter to take the interviews. Plan and prepare the interview questions mostly related to the required position and behavior based.

Check if the testing assists you to select the right candidate. Make sure that every candidate for the position receives the same test at the same point in the selection process.

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