How To Design A Home Garden

Home gardening requires proper planning. Flowers, shrubs, and grass give natural beauty to your garden. Many beautiful artificial designing items are also available in the market. The three basic requirements for home garden are light, soil, and water.

Ideas for designing home garden:

miniature garden

  • Berms: Berms means the uplifted earthen areas in the garden. Berms give mysterious look to the garden. You can raise that hill by growing grass or some plants. Berms height should be 18 to 24 inches. These are also useful in controlling the soil erosion.
  • Patios: Patios are constructed with stones. Plants can be grown within the stones.
  • Building garden pathways with stairs: You can make garden pathways with limestone, wood chips, bricks, and granite. It is better to construct the stairs adjacent to the lane, which are safe and convenient.

The design elements for home garden design:

  • No mow: Cut down the lawn using a lawnmower by avoiding sharp corners.
  • miniature treesCover it: It is better to use fibrous membrane material to cover beds.
  • Learn your plants: Research the plants before buying for home garden. Keep the sun needed plants in lighting area. It is better to choose plants, which are easier to take care.
  • Get dirty: One of the basic requirements for home gardening is soil. Learn about the soil according to the plant desire.  Fertilize the soil in a proper concentration of plants requirement.

miniature plants

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