Preparing Your Children For Babysitter Care

There is bond between a parent and child which is generally developed by the time the child is approximately seven or eight months old. Before this age, an infant cheerfully or voluntarily goes into arms other than that of his or her parents.

An infant can recognize their parents and differentiate them from others at the age of seventh month.

When the infant is separated from parents at this point, the child will become upset and distressed. So, in order to reduce the consequences of separation, there are a few tips to be followed:

  • First provide exposure of little or temporary separation to baby for few hours before giving a longer separation (to baby sitter).
  • Adapt the child pleasantly by taking him or her to the baby sitter’s home for visits in order to get baby adjusted to the babysitter and the new environment (if that is the case).
  • Make the child carry along with him or her something, which is habitual, like favorite toy, and also provide several toys and play facilities (under good supervision) to avoid boredom, which can cause distress.
  • For day and night care, keep frequent contact with child at the time of separation to maintain a close relationship with child.

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