Candidate Suitable For Braces

Braces can be for any age group. Patients suffering from tooth spacing, crowding, misalignment or any other oral problems can go for orthodontic treatment. It is recommended for patients with oral health problems along with unorganized or protruding teeth. There are various reasons for the candidate to be suitable for braces, which are explained below.

Above the age of seven are eligible
For most kids, the best time for braces is generally above seven years of age. This is because when a child’s mouth is still growing and permanent teeth are still erupting then the treatment should to avoided. The exact time depends on how quickly the growth of the child’s mouth takes place. Hence, above the age of seven is eligible/considered for the orthodontic treatment only after the approval of the orthodontist.

Having unorganized teeth
Patients with oral health problems like crooked, protruding, out of alignment or having irregular spacing is a patient with unorganized teeth. For this type of unorganized teeth if brushing and flossing is not done properly then the tooth decay, gum disease, plaque or jaw problem may occur. Hence, it is recommended for the patient with unorganized teeth to go for the orthodontic treatment.

Having crowded, spacing, cross bite or over bite of teeth
Crowding occurs when the teeth have insufficient space in the gum. In this case the tooth removal is recommended due to which spacing occurs. Due to this spacing the appearance of the teeth changes and makes them look unorganized which leads to cross biting or over biting of teeth. Hence a candidate suffering from such situation can have the orthodontic treatment.

Desire to have a straighter teeth
Teenagers and adults are choosing to have a dental braces as it has became a trend to have a straighter teeth in an aligned arrangement, so that to achieve a good smile. They are also focusing to improve the appearance of the teeth, mouth and smile. Hence, having braces has became a desire to have an attractive smile.

Having a gummy bite
Some people face problems of having a gummy smile, which leads due to excessive display of gum tissue in the upper jaw. This results in the abnormal eruption of the teeth. When such candidate smile, they feel the appearance of the upper teeth is overshadowed by excessive gum tissue. Hence to avoid such oral problems the patient can go for orthodontic treatment.

Now orthodontic treatment is also used as a cosmetic treatment to improve the smile and to align them in a straighter way.

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