Myths About Drug Addiction Treatment

Many people are not aware of the benefits of drug addiction treatment and have wrong notions regarding drug addiction treatment. Few myths and facts regarding drug addiction treatment are:

Myth: If you’ve tried one doctor or treatment program, you’ve tried everything.
Fact: Every doctor or program may not be the correct fit for a person seeking treatment. For most of the people, recognizing a way which is personally efficient for treating their addiction can signify consulting many  different doctors and treatment centers before a correct match is acquired between patient and program.

Myth: People don’t require treatment. They can terminate using drugs if they really desire to.
Fact: It is very difficult for people addicted to drugs to negotiate and maintain long-term avoidance. Research reveals that long-term drug use will alter a person’s brain function, making them to intensely desire the drug and making it extremely difficult to quit.

Myth: Treatment just will not work.
Fact: Studies found that drug treatment decreases drug use by 40 to 60 percent and can extremely decline criminal actions during and after treatment. It was also found that drug addiction treatment decreases the risk of HIV infection.

Myth: You can’t force drug addict into treatment.
Fact: Treatment need not to be voluntary. People compelled into treatment by the legal system can be successful as those who take treatment voluntarily. Sometimes they preform better, because they are more likely to stay in treatment longer and to finish the program.

Myth: People abuse drugs after treatment are hopeless.
Fact: Drug addiction is like a chronic disorder and occasional relapse should not be considered as failure. Psychological stress caused by work or family problems, social acts, or their environment ( associated with drug use) can easily provoke relapse.

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