Manhattan- Your Next Christmas Destination

Have you ever considered a vacation to New York City? The city of skyscrapers may not have been thought by you as the first choice vacation option. But for once, break away from a stereotyped idea of vacation locations and choose a destination other than locations with secluded beaches, mountains or serene countrysides. Try Manhattan, look beyond the high rises, sea of humanity and you will discover the other things that are exciting, enchanting and enthralling as well.

Let us take a virtual tour of Manhattan, it’s must-do things and must-visit tourist attractions. It will surely help you make up your mind to book tickets for the first vacation you will plan next. So here we go.

living-smartly.comCentral Park- A trip to Manhattan is incomplete without a visit to Central Park. Spread over more than 830 acres, this huge park is an oasis in the desert. It is conveniently lying between Upper East and Upper West side of Manhattan. It attracts a hoard of tourists all through the year.

Museum of the City of New York- If you have a keen interest in history and art, make it a point to visit this museum. This museum houses a collection of more than 1.5 million items that date ranging between 19th and 20th centuries. These exhibits include paintings, prints, drawings, rare books, ship models, manuscripts. It is located in 5th Avenue in Upper East Side neighborhood.

American Museum of Natural History- While you are in NYC, don’t miss American Museum of Natural History. It boasts to be one of the largest of its kind. Its exhibits include about 33 million specimens of different plants, minerals, rocks, fossils, animals, artifact, and so on. This is one of the most sought after attraction of Upper West Side neighborhood of Manhattan.

Battery Park- The jungle of skyscrapers abruptly ends where Battery Park begins. This is a waterfront park of 25 acres in space starved Lower Manhattan, situated in the southern-most tip of the main island. You get a ferry service to Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island from this park.

Skyscrapers Museum- The New York skyline is spectacular. Every high rise in the city has a tale to tell. So, while you are in NYC, don’t give this museum a miss. You will get to know in details about past, present and future of these high rises. Situated in Lower Manhattan, this museum celebrates the awesome architecture of the city.

You cannot compare the beauty of country side with the hustle-bustle of a city like Manhattan. Whether it’s fine dining or exciting night life, if you are looking for a happening trip you must go to New York City for your vacation. Even if you keep the pleasure part away, think of your little one or your spouse suddenly getting a toothache. When you are in Manhattan you can get necessary medical attention in no time. On the contrary, getting the same in a country side will take God only knows how long? Not only that you will have dozens of dentist options available. This is just an example.
There are several advantages of holidaying in Manhattan. With rivers on two sides and being a city on the coast of Atlantic Ocean it is not exactly away from Nature. It’s almost like nature and a big city are juxtapositioned. Make this trip happen and you will have memories to cherish for a long time.

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