How Yoga Helps In Dealing With Depression

A depressed person will have problem of moving. They cannot do regular exercises and will be intolerable. But Yoga exercise, beginning with few three poses a day for few minutes and with correct breathing patterns, will be very comfortable will soon make a person to do more and more.

Yoga exercises will insert pressure on glands and organs, which helps them to producing the soothing, healing chemical balance that is required to feel better. Yoga exercises enhances circulation, stimulating oxygen to brain and to all muscles. The stretching and strengthening postures helps in expelling toxins from the body.

The deep, stimulating breath techniques of Yoga will send huge amounts of fresh oxygen to the brain and other body parts. Oxygen is pumped through the entire system producing new light and strength to the idle parts of the body and mind where depression is remained unseen.

Regular practice of Yoga will protect a person from depression and helps to stay bright-minded, at the same time identifying the signals which depression generates.

Even though practicing yoga is not a method to replace treatment recommended by medical doctor or therapist, it can be used in combination with any prescribed treatment to help in the process of recovery. Yoga is 100% natural and drug free, so there are no chances of drug interactions or harmful side effects. Yoga provides both physical and mental benefits.

The physical exercise of yoga helps in relieving the depression by eliminating the physiological indications of stress and by increasing the levels of particular chemicals in bodies which serve as major player in uplifting our mood.

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