Essential Home Improvement Tools

Homeowners should keep the very essential tools in their home tool kits in order to take care of small home repair jobs that may occur in and around the house. A small repair job may avoid big problem in future. Just around hundred dollars is required to buy a group of hand tools which will be very helpful in home repair or improvement projects. Tools for cutting, layout, fastening, and finishing can also be purchased.

Few essential tools are:

  • Hammer: It is essential and basic for all tools
  • Adjustable wrench: 8-inch adjustable wrench is used for turning small- to medium-sized nuts and bolts.
  • Screwdrivers: A complete screwdriver set consisting screw drivers with different sizes, with both flat and Phillips-style blades.
  • Tape measure: Flexible 20-foot tape measure with a thumb lock for the blade can be handled easily and is long enough for many jobs.
  • Utility knife: The razor-sharp blade of a utility knife can cut anything ranging from drywall to cardboard and can be easily replaced when it gets dull.
  • Arc-joint pliers: The jaws of pliers come with wide adjustment, enabling them to grip everything from small nails or wires to large pipes.
  • Electronic stud finder: For most of the home projects, it is important to know the location of framing members that are present behind walls and ceilings particularly when hanging things. When a finder is slided across the surface and flashing lights will give the locations of studs or ceiling joists.
  • Paintbrush: Paintbrushes of different sizes and types are available. Synthetic bristles can be used for all types of paints whereas natural bristles works well only with oil and alkyd paints. Paintbrush with long bristles which spray evenly at the ends should be selected.
  • Putty knife: A 1-inch blade is used for filling cracks and small holes and a larger 3-inch-wide blade is used for filling big holes. Blades must be straight and flexible.
  • Torpedo level: A 9-inch bubble level works well for leveling appliances, shelves, and pictures. A magnetic edge strip is a good and handy feature.

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