Disadvantages Of Automation

Apart from the advantages there are some disadvantages of automation which affect human mankind a lot. Even the technology limits are not up to the extent. So in order to make each and every thing being automated, the technology is not ready yet. It has some drawbacks. Even the social controversies also include which results in the disadvantages. The main disadvantages are:


Technology Limits: The technology is unable to automate each and every task. There are some limits of automation systems.

Research and development cost: The research and the development costs are very high and this cost has large impact on the profitability.

Investment cost: To build each and every industry, different types of machines required which in turn need automation. The automation of a new product is very high when compared to the unit cost of the product. The investment cost ranges very highly depending upon the equipment needed. A lot of initial investment is generally required to automate a plant.

Controversy regarding unemployment: While the automation replaces the manual labor and replaces them with a single automated machine which results in a unemployment .As the work which is done by a large number of labor is done by a single machine, reducing the need of much manual labor as earlier. So many of the workers can loose employment.

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