Best Methods Followed To Win In Automation Business

Automation methods have been increased day by day in order to meet the needs of the present customer and the present trends. Jim Pinto a famous industry analyst suggested best methods for meeting the needs of present trends such as

  • The networked theory: The main aim of fully automated factories is to: take customers order online, with electronic transactions that indicate batch size, price and colour, while the intelligent robots builds a variety of customized products on demand. The aim of remote controlled automation is to maintain a better part in manufacturing; this can be achieved by using networked intelligence. Ethernet makes all segments of manufacturing to interact with each other and get the information by quickly monitoring the business and get quick, effective, agile decisions.
  • Wireless networks: Wireless connectivity is used every where in the offices in the consumer environments by using the advancements. For more production, for more portable processes this type of network is used. A wide variety of technology choices are available like Wi-Fi, blue tooth, Zig bee etc
  • Robots: As there are advancements in the robot technology, the operations being made are more successful. Even the sensors and actuators are being advanced which help for the increase in the usage of robots.
  • Machine–to-machine communications (M2M): machine to machine interface is being used for maintaining the service relationship. It also does the operations on usage pattern providing production analysis and predictive maintenance. When there is a breakdown in the system, the system itself gives the immediate measures to be taken.
  • Enterprise collaboration software: Team members can be made available at any time, from anywhere by using this software. Collaborating companies are smarter as they add more value by refining and reusing their knowledge.

These are the best methods of improving the past trends so as to increase the performance.

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