Know About Microsoft Office Communications Server

For developing the communications, different companies are striving a lot. Out of which the Microsoft is the major organization which is developing the communications. Series of integrated tools are provided for the unified communications using the Microsoft Office Communication Server (MS OCS).

The MS OCS provides applications like instant messaging, presence monitoring, application sharing, voice and video communication, file transfer etc.

The MS OCS is often termed as the MS OCS 2007. It is used for developing mostly the businesses. They provide a lot of communication services. Hence it is called as enterprise communication server. Several organizations are opting this communications server because of its advantages. Some of its advantages are instant messaging, presence, file transfer, peer-peer, structured conferences, PSTN connectivity etc.

Most of the organizations which are getting benefited using MS OCS. Even the company is planning to release its latest version. The recent release of MS OCS is R2 version it has been released by the Microsoft in February 2009. Along with the features of OCS, R2 Version has added the new features in Group chat, Attendant console.

Standard and the Enterprise are the two editions of OCS 2007. For the smaller installations, the standard editions are used. Where as for the businesses which want to extend for large number of servers and for higher capacities enterprise edition is used.

One can get trial version with the free download. Microsoft Office communications Server 2007, Microsoft Office Communicator and Speech Server 2007 are included along with the trial version.

All the features of MS OCS are used within in an organization, between organizations, in standard phones, PSTN as well as SIP trunking, with external users on Internet.

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