How to Cure Mouth Yeast Infection at Home?

Yeast infection in medical science terms is known as Candidiasis. Candida albicans, the microscopic fungi or yeast, are the causative organism of this infection. They commonly live on the surface of the body and in the warm and moist areas. The yeast in such places multiplies rapidly and then causes the infection.

Different types of yeast infections include skin yeast infection, mouth yeast infection, nail bed infection, diaper rashes in children, vaginal yeast infection, etc. Mouth yeast infection is also termed as thrush. White sores are formed in the mouth which bleed. These sores are painful, and the person suffering from this yeast infection may not be able to talk, eat or even sleep because of pain.

Although, proper medication from a good physician is helpful in curing the yeast infection, there are some useful home remedies which also help cure the infection and thus provide relief. They are as follows:

  • For curing the yeast infection, yogurt is useful. Yogurt is the product made of milk with the addition of bacteria to it. It is slightly sour in taste, and occurs in the form of semisolid. People suffering from oral yeast infections should consume yogurt several times. This will give some relief and the yeast infection will get cured quickly.
  • Another excellent natural cure for yeast infection is garlic. Not only for the mouth yeast infection, this can also be used for all kinds of infections. Apply garlic oil in the mouth, so that the sores heal, as garlic is an anti fungal agent.
  • Use plantain seeds gel for healing the sores in the mouth. The seeds are laxative and help in removing the waste from the body. For preparing the gel, soak the seeds in water. When the seeds swell, they can be used to prepare the gel. Apply this gel in the mouth. Do this for one week, even if the infection gets cured.
  • Another home remedy for oral infection is rose honey. You can buy it at stores. If you do not find it in stores, you can prepare this mixture at home. Keep the rose petals in a jar, do not enclose them in a tight one, then add honey to the jar with petals. Shake the jar so that the petals will get mixed up with the honey. Keep it aside for a few days. Whenever, the person suffers from the thrush make him/her to apply this mixture in the mouth.
  • Consume foods that contain lactobacillus acidophilus bacteria. These bacteria are useful in safeguarding the immune system of your body. These are mostly found in yogurt.

These home remedies are useful in giving you a great relief. However, as a precautionary measure, you should take good care of your oral health, and thus, stay protected against any kind of infections.

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