How Athletes are Tested Using Saliva Drug Test

Now-a-days, drug testing has become much more important in any organization to provide a drug free environment. It may be in any field right from the education, sports, any working environment. The drug testing makes the environment secure from drugs or from any other drug related illegal activities.

While coming to the drug testing methods, there are many types of drug testing methods. There are five ways to conduct a drug test. They are blood, hair, sweat, saliva and urine methods. By taking any specimen, whether it may be hair, sweat or anything, one can detect the presence of the drug. Each and every type of test has its own importance and based on the presence of the drug these tests are conducted.

Now, let us discuss about the drug testing need for athletes and which type of drug testing is mostly used by the athletes. Generally, these drug tests are conducted for identifying the type of drug used. In Athlete drug testing, there are strict rules that restrict the usage in the competition. The general need for conducting drug test is as follows. The main aim is to avoid the unfair competition, adverse influences, to maintain the health of an athlete. Several welfare programs are being conducted for educating people about the drugs and its disadvantages.

For selecting the type of drug test, the main factor which has to be kept in mind is the type of the drug used. As some can be easily detected using blood test and some can be detected using saliva test etc., Saliva test can be done at any place. Just a swab is used for detecting the type of the drug and its presence. There is no need of a separate room. This drug test can give instantaneously. This is used mostly because of the advantages like convenience of performing the test. This test is even difficult to adulterate.

So, most of the sports authorities will opt this test because of the advantages. Even the cost plays an effective role. Although the cost is more than the Urine test , this test is mostly preferred because of its advantages. But, the main disadvantage in using this test is that it can detect the presence of the drug within few days after the consumption of the drug.

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