Difference Between Caregiver and Nanny

Generally, caregiver is referred as unpaid relatives or friends who support disabled people. Caregiver is a person who is appointed to perform number of tasks. Generally, they visit seniors in their homes and they provide nursing care.

Caregivers are not medical professionals, but they help clients with problems of physical and cognitive health. Caregivers help them in walking, assisting in exercise and use some specialized drills and memory books to help them to maintain memory.

They make sure that proper nutrition food is being received by seniors by planning and preparing meals and they provide personal care also. A variety of house keeping tasks are performed by caregivers which can be not performed by seniors such as laundry, dusting, making beds, performing small routine works. Emotional support is also provided by companionship and conversation with seniors

Nanny is a child care provider. Nanny’s main duty is providing safe, caring, nurturing and stimulating environment to develop a child properly. Caring child and preparing meal and cleaning dishes and keeping their room clean and helping in home work and school work, motivating in different activities, transporting children to school, these are other general responsibilities of nanny. Some nannies perform house work also, this depends on children, salary, parents requirement and nanny.

Generally, caregivers help seniors who cannot do their work and provide some nursing care also, nannies looks after children in house and some of them perform house work also. According to situations and requirements, a family can hire them.

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