The relation between communication skills, self productivity

Now-a-days, many people are going for self-employment. Many people are having troubles in maintaining their business in this competitive world. A self-employed person should be talented, skillful, and also the person would be ready to face any situation.


The person must have good communication skills, capability to attract customers, suppliers, etc.. A Business enterprenuer will be going to different places to meet different people. They should be impressed with his communication skills. Or else, there would be loss of clients.

So, most important skills are

  • Good time management method for attending of meetings.
  • Smiling face and fearlessness.
  • Mostly appear confident in his work.
  • Give a brief presentation about your working strategies.The presentation should be in a polite way and also attract customers when given a chance.
  • Good body language.

One should not forget that “First impression is best impression”. Good impression can be made through good communication skills.

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