When Vehicle Tires can be Replaced

Many of the people use vehicles regularly, but they do not take care of maintenance of vehicles regularly. If you want to keep your vehicle for longer life and efficient functioning, then important thing is regular maintenance. The one area of the maintenance is replacement of tires. If you want to avoid worse incidents, periodic inspection of tires can be done.

Know about when tires are to be replaced: You know that replacing tires is important thing to maintain better performance of the vehicle. There is necessity of the regular inspection after the expiry of the warranty period of the tires. There are some methods to decide when tires can be replaced.

Inspecting for the signs of wear and tear of the tires is the one of the best ways to determine replacement time. Most of the tires of the vehicles have built in wear indicators. One cannot see them on the new tires. Treads made of hard rubber become visible when the tires gets worn out. Wear indicators appear on the tire when the treads get worn out to 1/16th of an inch from the surface of the tires according to the law.

You can keep a penny in between the treads on the tire, you have to check that whether treads cover the head part of the penny. Tire can be used for some more time, if you find a small part of the head is covered. You can replace the tires if not.

If you see cracks and breaks on the tires then you replace the tires.

It this way you can find out the time of replacement of the tires of the vehicles. If you cannot find out then you go for person who repairs the vehicles to find out the replacement of the tires.

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