What are the Risks Associated with Legalizing Marijuana

Marijuana is an illegal drug. Using the marijuana in large quantities may lead to addiction. There are many side effects associated with the usage of marijuana. Although the marijuana is an illegal drug, the statistics of the usage has never decreased. If that illegal drug is legalized, this will result in the much adverse effects than earlier.

Legalization is being planned to be done in California. But there are many risks associated with legalizing marijuana. Some of the risks associated with it are:

  • Marijuana is more addictive. With the legalization of the marijuana, the price of the marijuana will get reduced. So, the consumption will become more and more. It will become more additive as the people will start using it more and more because of decrement in prices.
  • Some of them use it as a pain killers. Now-a-days, even if it is illegal many users are using it for the medical purposes. But, there will be no relief from pains if marijuana is used. If it is made legal, then the drug may be used in large quantities which in turn results in more side effects.
  • The legalization makes marijuana available everywhere. Instead of decrement in the number of users by recovering, more number of new users will arise.
  • Legalization of anything means that there is no harm and can be used by anyone. By making marijuana legalized many children, youth will use it. It indirectly sends a message that the drug is acceptable and can be taken.
  • Due to the excessive usage, there are many short term and long term effects which spoil health to a large extent. Different harmful diseases like cancer and problems related to the immune system will occur. By the use of marijuana a person becomes much lazier.
  • The possibilities of fatalities may occur due to increased usage. The impairment in the judgment, detecting the signals will not be done by the excessive usage.

So, we conclude that by legalizing marijuana risks of deaths both with the excessive addiction and due to fatalities will result.

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