Computer Networking – Bridge Between Two or More Computers

Computers have found wide spread application in workplace and home for regular work. We see many computers interconnected at workplaces these are very useful to doing job effectively. Communication networking is a system of interconnected devices which is useful to communicate and data transfer. Computer networking is an interconnection of two more computers itself to transfer data and information.

Computer networking is a process of interconnecting two or more devices together for the purpose of sharing data. Computer-networks built with the combination of computer hardware and software.

The broader aspect of computer networking is a collection of computers, printers, scanners and so many devices for communicating the data or information. Without computer networking, data transferring is not easy. With the help of computer networking human lives become easy at their workplaces.

Computer-networking is of two classes: Client server networking and peer-to-peer networking. Client server network connected to centralized server it stores mails web pages, files and applications. Peer-to-peer network supports all computers. Client-server networking is common in workplaces and peer-to-peer server networking is common in homes.

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