Opinions of Small Businesses

As per the HSBC Small Business Confidence Monitor, there is a overall positive outlook interms of growth, recruitment, capital expenditure in small businesses of US. But, the small business owners have no immediate plans to conduct business internationally.

Opinions on Economy

  • About 80 percent of small businesses in US are expecting growth in local economy will remain same or might increase in the upcoming months.
  • There is expectation of similar momentum by small businesses with regard to plans on capital expenditure. 61 percent of the small business owners who were surveyed are expecting that the capital expenditure will remainsame. About 24 percent of them are expecting growth in capital expenditure in the upcoming months.


On New Hiring
Less than 5 percent of small businesses in US are expecting further decrease in recruitment in the upcoming months. 85 percent of the small businesses are expecting that the activities in the recruitment will remain unchanged.

New Marketing places

  • About 30 percent of small businesses in Latin America and about 22 percent of small businesses in Greater China have expressed US as a top market for their international activity.
  • 75 percent of small businesses in US that were surveyed are continuing to operate domestically. They have no intention of taking their business internationally with respect to the international business.

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