Importance of 3D Barcodes in Manufacturing Industry

Now-a-days, manufacturing companies are implementing the barcoding system just like retail industry. The problem is that, there are high temperatures in manufacturing, solvents are used and some chemicals, which prevent the using label with bars on it. Manufacturer want to improve their inventory and tracking system by using the 3D barcodes in manufacturing.

ID FansSome sort of image is applied to the product and then it can be read by a barcode scanners to log, categorize, inventory or to track an individual product in manufacturing. Manufacturers need a permanent solution, so the 3D barcode is applied to the product itself as part in the process of manufacturing.

3D barcodes are embossed on the product and the new characters are recognized by the barcode readers. It is impossible to alter or obstruct the 3D barcode’s information, which results in fewer mistakes and lower operating costs of manufacturing process. The code can be applied as the part of the manufacturing process.

After passing a laser over a 3D barcode, the reflected image is captured by a barcode reader. The data is recorded and it is digitized and image is interpreted by digital processing unit. Paint or colour, and though system works on height variances, these do not effect the end results.

There are many 3D barcode scanners available in the market. Symbol scanners are one of them. Symbol barcode scanner is one of the best options to read the 3D barcode in the manufacturing process.

The above information is about 3D barcodes, which are convenient to use in manufacturing industry.

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