Know About 25th Wedding Anniversary Gift ideas

Marriage day, especially the 25th one, is a very special day for almost any couple. Gifts make this occasion more special. However, few people may fall into dilemma on kind of gifts to select to turn on the mood of the event.

These are few 25th wedding anniversary gifts ideas which may help you:

Anniversary gift ideas for your wife:
Silver gifts: Since 25th anniversary means silver jubilee, items made of silver will make a good choice. These objects can vary based on your taste and budget, like silver heart with a message engraved, silver ring engraved with your names, silverware, silver jewelry, roses preserved in silver etc.

Add some more creativity and you may get some more ideas for gifts. Silver jewelry is a best choice for a gift made of silver.

Love letter: You spent 25 years with her, so you can write a letter to her that how much you love and value her. You can include special moments that took place between both of you like funny incidents, anecdotes, difficult times, etc.

Anniversary Gift ideas for your husband:
Fun basket: Bring a big basket for your husband and fill it with 25 big items, which your husband likes. Suppose you can give silver cuff links, silver tie pins, golf set cleaning kit, a nice perfume, his favorite CDs and DVDs, key rings, belt buckles, any personalized gift like shaving kit, his favorite book, tickets to any favorite game of your husband, etc.

Other things: You can cook his favorite item or arrange a special lunch at a fancy restaurant and more.

You know about your partner much better than anyone else and it may not be a difficult task to select a gift that will charm your loved one.

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