How to Encourage Children to Gain Interest in Science

Science is one of the subjects where most of the parents and teachers face issue with their kids. However, it is actually an interesting subject but just requires teaching it in a way that the child understands. Few tools like non-academic books, practical experiments and educational dvds for kids can be very helpful in this matter.

Children enjoy and feel motivated about science when they are taught through these means. These are few tips to encourage children in science through experiments:
Ask questions: Start with asking questions. When they do not know the answer, just reveal that the answer can be found out by doing the experiment. Few questions after the experiment can also be asked to make sure that the child is not left out with doubts, which he may feel hesitant to ask.
Encourage for experiments: Give chance to children to perform some experiments at home. You may get ideas about science experiments by using books on science course. You can also ask them to refer some preschool dvds on science for ideas.
Encourage mess: You need to accept and even encourage mess, if you want children to do the experiments. You can set up some boxes for science experiments where you keep all type of odds and ends. You need to create a science corner filled with experiment books and all the material related to experiments. For example, rubber bands, straws, pipe cleaners, papers clips, balloons, popsicle sticks, etc are good to start with.
Allow mistakes: There is no guarantee that every science experiment will work perfectly. If any experiment fails then ask them what they learnt from it. Encourage them to do it perfectly the next time.

In this way you can encourage your children to grow more interesting about science.

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