Various types of Plastic Barrels

In olden days the construction of barrels is only restricted to different types of woods. But now a days, with the improved technology and by the invention of new substances like polythene the scenario has been changed. Due to the ease in carrying barrels they are used for different storage and transporting needs. The same applies here in the case of plastic barrels. There are so many uses if they are made with plastic. They are easy to clean, less in weight, and easy to handle too. Since they are made of polythene which is tested safe and approved by the officials there is no harm from them to the environment.

Following are some of the plastic barrels which are available now a days:

Water Barrels: These barrels are used for storing purposes and are made from high quality polythene which is approved by the US government for commercial use. Water barrels are generally used for water storage.

Rain Barrels: These barrels are used for storage of rain water and to use it when there is no rain. These are also made of FDA approved material. They are available in different sizes and shapes. Rain barrels are available with different kinds of rain barrel pumps which will function with the help of batteries and some with usage of electricity. With these pumps we can pump water from the rain barrels with in short time and can make our garden plants happy with rain water.

Open Head barrels: These types of barrels are also called as Open Top plastic barrels, which are available in different sizes and shapes. Can be used for storage purposes.

Tight Head Plastic Barrels: These barrels have closed heads and two bungs, one with course head and one with fine head. They will be available with handles in the market. These are also called as closed top barrels.

These are a few kinds of barrels which are generally used for different purposes and are made of government approved plastic which cause no harm to the environment and the people using them.

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