Know About Application of 2D Barcodes for Biometrics

Embedded system developmentThe technology of barcodes is applied these days for biometrics to enhance security. Biometrics is a method of human identification by means of physical and behavioral traits of a person. 2D barcode biometrics are used for fast and easy product identification. 2D barcodes are used because they can store large amount of information when compared to linear ones. 2D barcodes are read by devices called barcode readers like Symbol scanners and others.

2D barcodes are generally used by retail industries for asset tracking and preventing thefts. This reduces the losses due to potential human errors. They are also meant for security purposes at their stores. A Symbol barcode scanner is used most commonly by retail industries to read 2D barcodes.

2D barcode biometrics can be used in airports. The fingerprint of an individual can integrate unique 2D barcodes. This is printed on boarding pass of the passengers. Boarding pass of a passenger can be scanned by a specific barcode scanner which can read 2D barcodes. Identification of persons by this technology can be made fast and it also ensues high security. Any biometric physical characteristic including iris, DNA or a fingerprint can be embedded in 2D barcodes. It helps in accessing and tracking complex data of large and busy networks in airports.

2D barcode biometrics can also be used for driver’s license. A driver’s license generally consists of the information of the driver including name, address, social security number, physical attributes and date of birth. Biometric traits like fingerprint can also be included in the license. Fingerprints of specific individuals can be encoded in 2D barcodes. When a transportation department official checks for the license, it is scanned by 2D barcode scanners to get the correct details of the driver easily.

Biometric identification using 2D barcodes can be used by law enforcement, government and the military agencies. They can be used for identification, verification, and transmission of important data across distances. Thus, 2D barcode biometric technology helps in enhancing efficiency, security and productivity of any industry.

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