Know Briefly about Night Fishing

Night fishing is generally done during 1.00 a.m till 30 minutes before the sunrise. Night fishing is relaxing hobby for many individuals across the world. Most of the recreational fishers enjoy night fishing and consider it as a stress busting activity. Night fishing differs from the normal fishing in many aspects.

The fishers involved in night fishing generally use peddler boats instead of motor boats. They carry less equipment when compared to the normal fishers. These fishers need to be more alert then the normal fishers due to the time of fishing selected. Night fishing is found to be more risky than fishing at day time. It is more accident prone hence proper care should be taken to avoid accidents.

Lighting is an important part in night fishing. The docks of the shores should have proper lighting in order to avoid accidents. These lights not only used for safety purpose but also helpful in increasing the productivity of fishing. Fishing light, especially green fishing light, is used to attract fishes during nights. Fishing light is an underwater light which is submersed in water with the help of a hook at the end of the line. This illuminates the water. As the fishes are attracted to green lights more, they come near the light and get hooked to the line. This way, night fishing can be made productive.

Therefore, night fishing is found to be filled with much fun, than normal day fishing.

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