The Things to be Considered While Choosing WAN Optimization Solution

WAN optimization requirements in the past have been tactical in nature, and the core features in these WAN links are traffic compression or response time improvements. For selecting the best WAN optimization for a business one should consider the entire application delivery infrastructure along with the core features.

The following are some of the important considerations which are to be taken while selecting a WAN optimization solution.

IoT solutionsNetwork Transparency:
Network transparency is the most important consideration for WAN Optimizing solution. Transparent WAN optimization design applies optimization to the traffic “payload”, while preserving the original and critically-important IP and TCP headers.

Application Performance Monitoring Tools:
The WAN optimization should include an effective APM because it monitors and manages the performance of the software applications. It also rectifies any deviations from the actual results. A company while choosing a WAN optimization solution has to take advice of APM consulting regarding APM.

Interoperability with Network-Based QoS:
Service (QoS) techniques are useful in efficient delivery of latency and bandwidth sensitive applications over the network. Network based QoS policy can be adopted by organizations, by installing the routers and switches, which have built-in QoS support.

Secure and Trustworthy Handling of SSL Optimization:
It is one of the most common protocols, whose main purpose is to encrypt content that is transported over IP networks. The private keys and certificates should be distributed in a secure manner to the WAN optimization devices in the data center and stored in a secure vault, maintaining the trust boundaries of server private keys.

System Scalability and High Availability:
In WAN optimization, response time must be the ultimate goal and shouldn’t be degraded when the deployment size increases and scalability is required.

Hybrid Caching Architecture:
Cache is used in WAN optimization as it speeds up the processes. The most important cache architectures are TCP segment cache and Object cache.

Router-integrated Solution:
A WAN optimization solution has maximum application in IT industry, as it helps in centralizing of applications and storage in the data center, maintain LAN-like application performance and facilitates effective space utilization, as it reduces the overall floor space consumed by branch-office devices.

Network-embedded Virtualization:
Virtualization technology is widely adopted in IT industry, as it reduces costs and increase flexibility of services. Virtualization integrated with WAN optimization offers benefits of application acceleration, improved network utilization and local services hosting. It is used in branch offices and remote areas.

The WAN optimization solution selected should be based on an architecture that can meet future network expansions. The selected solution should address the needs of remote and mobile users, and integrate with data center applications and services.

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