All You Need to Know About a Dental Bridge

Lost or missing teeth are the common problems faced by many people. One of the ways of restoring the teeth is by using dental bridges. A dental bridge is an appliance which bridges the gap between the missing teeth. It is attached to the neighboring teeth in stead of the jaw bone.

Dental bridges can be made of various materials such as porcelain, gold alloys, tooth-colored acrylics, and alloys made of other non-precious metals. The dentist prefers one of them based on the function and appearance.

Different types of dental bridges can be used to fix the dental problems. They include fixed dental bridges, removable partial dentures, and dental implant supported bridges. Fixed dental bridge is the one which is attached to the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth. Removable partial dentures sues clasps or attachments for fastening the natural teeth. They are removable and hence can be cleaned easily when compared to the fixed ones. In dental implant supported bridges, the bridges are supported by implants that are placed in spaces of missing teeth.

A patient must visit the dentist twice for applying bridges. In the first visit, a mould of the teeth is taken by the dentist in order to make a bridge. In the next visit, he fits and adjusts the dental bridge for ensuring the correct bite.

It is essential to keep the bridges clean after attachment. Any infection caused in the dental bridge is not only painful but also difficult to cure. Dental bridges which are maintained properly can last for about two decades.

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