What is an Electric Infrared Heater?

Infrared heaters are used for heating purposes at home and offices. Various types of infrared heaters are available in market. Electric infrared heaters are one among them that can use electricity as the source of power. They do not blow heated air in the room. People or objects are heated by them.

The most important part of construction of electric infrared heaters is the flat sheets or plates. Quartz tubes, flat ceramic panels, and metal sheath elements can be used in electric infrared heaters. Carbon fibers are most commonly used in infrared heaters. The quality of a heater is defined based on the emissivity of the heater. Emissivity is the measure of emitted infrared light by a particular material. Emissivity of various materials ranges from 0 to 1. It was found that ceramic heaters have higher emissivity value and are best to use. Healthy infrared light is produced by ceramic infrared heaters.

There are various types of infrared heaters based on the wavelength of radiation. A filament temperature of 1800 degrees Celsius or greater is found in short-wave heaters. They provide a power density of 100KW per square meter. Saunas include long-wave heaters which emit low temperatures. Medium-wave heaters work at filament temperature of 1000 degrees Celsius with a ceiling power of 60KW per square meter.

Electric infrared heaters are economical. Waves of thermal energy are provided by them which are absorbed by various materials around the heaters. The advantage of electric infrared heaters is that they are portable and hence can be moved from room to room based on one’s need. These are the best heaters which keep one comfortable and warm. The room gets warmed in a short period of time.

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