Roof lights used for Conservatories

You can make use of a roof light or a lantern for conservatories. The terms skylight and roof lights are used interchangeably these days. They are used to describe any glazed opening in a roof whether it is clear or obscured, fixed or opening. A flat roof light or a skylight can allow light in through a solid roof and however is unobtrusive.

A roof lantern gives a classy look for your conservatory. It is a glazed structure on the top of the roof at the center. It can be of various shapes like rectangular, circular, octagonal and others. The most important feature is that it has glazed slides. However, modern roof lanterns do not have sides and are simply angled glass panels which are raised to an apex. The raised nature of the structure is the main part which distinguishes a roof lantern from a skylight or roof light. Different designs of roof lanterns are popular these days for allowing natural light in, to illuminate the living space. They provide a bright and airy feel and also enhances the impression of space and height of the room. A roof light improves the external appearance of the room.

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