What are the Different Materials used for Kitchen Sinks?

A kitchen improvement project can include anything from modifying the size of the room to adding cabinets, countertops or sinks to it. A sink is the most important part of the kitchen. It is used for kitchen cleanup and should, therefore, withstand the daily use. It is necessary to choose the right kitchen sink that looks well for your kitchen area.

Most of the kitchen sinks are surface mount or under-counter mount. In the former ones, the sinks rim is visible on the top of the counter whereas in the latter one, it is not visible as the sink mounts under the counter. Apart from these, there are even prep sinks, drop-in sinks and bar sinks.

Different materials like porcelain, stainless steel, marble, copper and granite are used for kitchen sinks. Porcelain sinks are more commonly used which include various designs and styles. You find a wide range of choice in the colors of porcelain sinks. Stainless steel sinks are used for giving a professional look to the modern modular kitchens. They are light in weight, easy to install and require less maintenance. However, the durability is based on the quality of the steel used. In order to provide a classy look to your kitchen, you can use copper sinks. They are resistant to stains and discoloration. Heavy, solid weathered copper or dark brown copper sheets are used to prepare these sinks. They are coated with an extra thick casting that makes it durable for a long time.

Kitchen sinks are even made of granite. They are resistant to scratching and chipping. They have high durability and need very less maintenance. Though expensive, they are being used popularly because of the great look that they give to the kitchen. Apart from these, enamel and marble are also used for kitchen sinks. However, you need to choose the right material which is more durable and needs less maintenance.

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