Know the Nutrition Tips for Healthy Teeth

Who said that it is only the proper oral hygienic practices that ensure perfect dental health? Apart from the regular flossing and brushing, it is even required to take effective nutrition for healthy teeth. It is known that you need to avoid excessive sugary substance to avoid dental problems. So, encourage your kids to give carbohydrates in natural forms as far as possible. It is recommended to give them hard fruits in whole instead of juices. This helps to cleanse and stimulate teeth. Also give beverages like buttermilk and home-made squashes.

Black and green tea containing polyphenols and antioxidant plant compounds helps in preventing plaque adherence to your teeth. This reduces the chances of developing cavities and gum diseases. Catechins of green tea wipe out the bacteria which cause bad breath. Vitamin C is very much important for maintaining good oral health. Foods rich in vitamin C such as spinach, citrus fruits and broccoli nourish and support gum tissues and ensure healthy teeth. The vitamin also promotes the production of collagen which is an important primary ingredient required for healthy gums. Even calcium rich foods enhance the health of teeth and gums.

Sulphur containing compounds like onions have specific antibacterial properties. They help in preventing plaque formation and also in restoring the tooth enamel. It has been known from various studies that cheese with its low carbohydrates and high calcium and phosphate content offers several benefits of your teeth. In addition, the pH of the mouth is maintained by cheese. It even preserves and builds tooth enamel. Apart from having these foods, drinking water maintains hydration in gums which stimulates saliva that is very much important to protect the oral cavity from bacterial plaque and cavities. Follow these nutritional tips to ensure a good oral health.

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