How to Get Rid of Stains on Tablecloths

Tablecloths are a kind of clothing which tend to get stained even though you are 100% careful. Since we serve different kind of things on the table it is a common problem with every tablecloth. Our break fast, lunch and dinner include so many items ranging from hot to cold, dark colored to light colored and so on. So, each item leaves a different stain on the tablecloth. It is not the same process for each and every stain. Each stain needs to be treated in a different way. Let us have a look on different techniques on how to remove stains.

Tomato Sauce: Tomato sauce is a common ingredient which is served on the dining tables. There are a lot of tips to get rid of these stains. The simplest one is using a detergent solution to clean that area. Rub in a circular motion to get best results. You can use some kind of bleaches to get rid of stains from white tablecloths. Vinegar is also a best solution for removing stains.

Candle wax: Getting rid of candle wax is simple and easy. Just free your tablecloth or pour some cold water over the area where the wax is accumulated. After some time the wax gets hardened and you can remove it using a spoon or a fork.

Red Wine: In order to remove red wine stains from the fabric pour some club soda over it. Now sprinkle some salt around the area of the stain. After one hour remove the salt and wash the fabric with a mild detergent.

Gravy stains: Gravy stains are too tough to deal with. The moment the gravy gets spilled on the tablecloth don’t get panic just remove the excess gravy with a spoon. Then sprinkle some talcum powder or corn powder over the stain to absorb any excess gravy. Remove the powder once it gets completely wet. Repeat the process until all the liquid in the stain gets absorbed. Now clean that area with soap or detergent solution.

These are few tips with which you can remove the stains from the tablecloth. However vinegar and hydrogen peroxide can be commonly used to remove all the stains.

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