How to Select Best Quality Towels

Towels are the necessary things in each and every household. No house can be found without them. Since, they are very close to our skin we have to choose them with even more attention. Cheap quality less durable clothes will create some irritations on the skin since the chemicals used for dying them are not of a great quality. There are few other factors which are to be taken in to consideration while buying the towels. Let us check what they are.

Material: The material of the towel is the main things which tells you more about the quality of the towels. In general all the towels are made up of cotton and terry material. Just make sure whether the fabric has the absorbing capacity or not. The more the surface area the higher will be the absorbing capacity. Terry is most absorbent of all the weaves. And cotton to have high absorbing and greater durability.

Texture of the Fabric: The texture of the fabric also tells you something about the quality. If you closely observe the fabric if you find the strands of the fiber stood up like the grass in the garden they are of good quality or if they are flat as a tack they are not that good.

Touch: The touch of the towel tells the quality of the fabric used. If you feel a soft and velvety touch when you touch the fabric and the weight of the towel is also a little bit more, then you can confirm that it a good quality one. In contrast if you feel the surface to be rough, it shows that the fabric is not that superior in quality.

Pattern: Most of the towels which we use regularly comes in plain colors. Since we use the towels regularly it is not that advised to go for the towels with broad designs and patterns. Actually they don’t hold the patterns or designs for longer time. So it is always better to select plain and single colored ones.

The above are various features which indicate the quality of towels, hence they should be kept in mind while purchasing the towels.

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