What to do when Mice Infest Your Home?

Mice are little pests that cause loss to rural as well as urban people. They attack your house in search of food, water and warmth because they are hungry in nature.

They eat everything that they get on their way including pet food, breads, dried pastas, spices and food stuffs and gnawing into stored clothing and boxes.

Don’t worry; there are some tricks and techniques to get rid of mice which make you anger.

  • The best way to get rid of mice in your home is trapping them by a mouse trap device. Choose a place to keep the device in such a way that mice easily get trapped. Note that you purchase many more traps and place around your house.
  • You can even trap them by putting glue pad and wait for them to come. There are chances of mice getting stuck on that pad.
  • Even you can put some poison in the food (only for mice) to kill them. This can however be a problematic to you as well as your pets because your pets may eat that poisoned food.
  • Invite mice by keeping fresh peanut butter, doughnuts or other sweet substances daily so that you can trap them easily.
  • If you find any holes outside wall of your house, close that hole because there may be a chance of mice coming through that hole.
  • You can have a cat in your house to get rid of the mice because the cat eats mice.
  • If you are unable to get rid of mice, call the mice catching professionals.

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