Know About Various Types of Convection Heaters

Convection heaters are the heaters which heat up the air present in the space. Air convection currents which circulate through the body of the appliance, get heated up by the heating elements. The heated air comes out of the device and provides warmth. Various types of convection heaters are available among which some of them are mentioned here.

Propane convection heaters, as the name suggests, use propane gas as fuel source. The propane gas burns and heats up the heating elements within the unit. In turn, the heating elements increase the temperature of the surrounding air. These heaters emit carbon monoxide upon burning of propane. So, they are ideal for patios, workshops, and other outdoor areas.

Natural gas convection heaters are the other type of convection heaters which use natural gas. They also work similar to propane convection heaters and are suitable for outdoor heating purposes.

Electric convection heaters are popular and commonly used when compared to the other types. They run on electricity. Some of the electric convection heaters are equipped with fans to physically push air around the room. Various types of electric convection heaters are available including ceramic and oil-filled convection heaters. They are also found in different sizes. Even, portable models are available which can be transferred from one room to the other.

Consider your preferences and choose the right type of convection heater. However, as said, electric convection heaters are popular. But, you can go for propane or natural gas convection heaters when you do not have a source of electricity.

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